Swing King
Description, Controls and Min Requirements:

This is a small atmospheric physics game I made. Got this idea when I was teaching one of my students programming. They said meh, but what do they know xD. I was shooting for a relaxing experience. - Milo

Controls (for player 1, keyboard + mouse AND controller 1 count as the same device):
use left click or A on the controller to shoot a grappling hook
use space or X to boost yourself up (there's a limit so be conservative
use left Shift or B to thrust in the direction you want to go to while pointing the aim / mouse to direct the thrust forces
use mouse or LS left analogue stick to aim wherever you want to go.

Notes: I gotta tell ya. HTML5 is a one major bitch of a finicky platform to develop for. It seems that you have at just about a 5th of the resources and processing power accessible to you as opposed to the PC version. I mean it, the PC version runs smooth like butter which is why I'm most likely going to be putting this game up on steam as well. This turned out to be a pretty demanding game. So if it runs slow, its not because you've got a potato for a sytstem. It's because HTML5 is a piece of shit and is a terrible platform for game dev xD. Optimizing is next to sodomy. In fact, I'd rate take one up the ass than try to list all the things that need to be optimized.

Min Specs:
Core i5 4590
GTX 950
8 GB of ram.
Mouse + Keyboard or Xbox Controller

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